It may sometimes be hard to study on your own while others are having fun, but you cannot afford to lose your study momentum over weekends. You need to have some fun with your friends and family, but do not lose focus on your studies. Perhaps to study in a group could work: Study and social.

You have to be disciplined and focus on the time allocated for studying. Appoint someone to be a time-keeper and a monitor, to keep you on track. Take turns in teaching each other. You will learn a
lot and have a bunch of laughs in the process. It will force you to think about what you know and how to formulate your responses. A study group can also “pick you up” when your motivation or
momentum is slipping.

You may be reluctant to ask questions in class. This is usually much easier to do so in small study groups amongst friends. Some other group members are likely to understand something you do not,
bring up ideas you never considered or teach you new study habits and vice versa. Studying can be very boring, or you can make it fun. I am not joking, especially over weekends! So … the weekend is here, the weather is pleasant, hang out with friends … Wrong? No RIGHT! Study and Social: do it the right way!