12SSM – The 12 Step Study Method Workshop Overview


Learners from grade 6 and onwards are confronted with increasingly larger volumes of study material, and are expected to excel academically, but they are not taught a successful method of HOW TO STUDY


To teach learners a 12 Step recipe to follow that works. The 12SSM is based on basic scientific principles related to memory and cognition. In a unique semi one-on-one facilitation environment, we workshop the implementation of these principles in their daily lives.

Our aim is to equip learners with the skills to excel both Academically and in life.

The 12SSM Workshops unlock the Keys to an EFFECTIVE LEARNING process.

There are certain basic scientific principles that influence the learning process. When learners understand and apply these principles:

  • Correct learning becomes a habit
  • They start achieving academically
  • Their stress levels are dramatically reduced
  • They retain information much longer
  • They can apply knowledge much more effectively
  • They deal much more efficiently with large amounts of work

Some of the skills a learner will acquire in the 12SSM Workshop

How to summarise according to scientifically based principles

How to follow a basic recipe for Effective Learning and in doing so achieve academically

How to replace rote (‘parrot”) learning with Lateral Learning

How to distinguish between what is important and what not in study material


Our unique concept of Lateral Learning is an alternative method of understanding, absorbing, storing and recalling information that replaces traditional “parrot” learning or rote memorization with understanding and insight, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the learning process, and goes beyond just study material; it’s a way of living and continuing to truly learn.

“I don’t teach many study methods. I believe they only confuse learners. I give learners a totally new outlook on learning that makes it much easier for them to achieve. I believe that this is why EFFECTIVE LEARNING (EL) is producing such amazing results.” – Reandi Meij, developer of the 12SSM

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can attend the 12SSM Workshops?

We present the 12SSM workshop to 3 different age groups / academic levels; JUNIORS for Grade 6-7 learners, HIGH SCHOOL for Grade 8-12 and STUDENT for Universty / Colleage / Tertiary education students.

Where is the workshop presented?

The 12SSM workshop is presented on a continuous basis in various locations. Currently we are based in Somerset West, Western Cape, and most of our courses are presented in the Stellenbosch / Somerset West / Paarl area. We regularly present at school venues, or other neutral venues such as public libraries or lecture halls. Contact us for details about upcoming workshops in your area.

What is the structure of the workshop?

Our workshop is presented in 2 sessions of 3 hours each, normally across two days. We take a maximum of 10 learners per group as it is a semi one-on-one facilitation environment. It is important that both sessions be attended.

In which language is the workshop presented?

Our workshop is presented in a dual-medium English and Afrikaans. We try to schedule single language groups whenever possible.

What does a learner need to bring to the workshop?

4x Colored highlighters, 1x pen, healthy snack and drink.

What is the cost of the workshop?

12SSM Workshop (Western Cape): R 1 140/ learner (student)
12SSM Workshop South Africa: R 1 340/ learner (student)
12SSM Workshop Africa (outside SA borders): $160/ learner (student)


SA – R 6700/ learner (including 3 days accomodation & meals)
International students: – $650/ learner (including 3 days accomodation & meals)

POP Workshops:  is R 630/ learner (one 3 hour session)

One-on-one sessions: with Reandi R850/ hour


Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept EFT, direct bank deposit or cash payments. (Cash option by prior arrangement). We do not currently process credit cards.

Upcoming Course Dates and Venues


Gr 6 & 7: Thurs 4 & Fri 5 May (15h00 – 18h00 both days)

Gr 8 – 12: Mon 8 & Tues 9 May (17h30 – 20h30 both days)

Gr 6 & 7: Mon 29 & Tues 30 May (15h00 – 18h00 both days)

(NGK Hottentots Holland, Plein Str, Roundhay)




‘I would like to arrange a Private Workshop’ 

‘One-on one sessions (R850/ hour x 4 sessions)’ – only as per special arrangement

Email: Reandi at info12ssm@gmail.com


Gr 8 – 12: Wed 3 & Thurs 4 May (17h30 – 20h30 both days)

Gr 4 & 5 (Constantia Park) : Fri 21 (14h30 – 17h30) & Sat 22 April (10h00 – 13h00)

(Hoerskool Waterkloof/ Laerskool Constantiapark)



Gr 8 – 10: Tues 18 & Wed 19 April (17h30 – 20h30 both days)

Gr 6 & 7: Mon 24 & Tues 25 April (15h30 – 18h30 both days)

(Silver Lakes Private – open to Public)



Gr 8 – 12: Thurs 27 & Fri 28 April (17h30 – 20h30 both days)

(Helpmekaar College)



PAARL Gr 8 – 12 : Mon 27 & Tues 28 Mar (17h30 – 20h30 both days)

(La Rochelle)


“Getting to know you” – 4 day Holiday Experience

Gr 8 – 11: Tues 4 – Fri 7 April 2017

Gr 6 & 7: Tues 4 – Fri 7 July 2017

Gr 8 – 11: Mon 17 – Thurs 20 July 2017

Self-discovery & Self-confidence through

Narrative Self-expression & Lateral Thinking

Contact: Reandi at info12SSM@gmail.com/

(SMS: 061 770 1122 – we will call you back)


Gr 8 – 11: Mon 13 & Tues 14 Mar (17h30 – 20h30 both days)

(Stellenbosch Public Library)



Gr 8 – 12: Mon 15 & Tues 16 May (17h30 – 20h30 both days)




Gr 8 – 12: Mon 22 & Tues 23 May (17h30 – 20h30)

(Community Church Durbanville)



Gr 6 & 7: Fri 17 (15h30 – 18h30) & Sat 18 March (10h00 – 13h00)

(Private but open to public)

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