12SSM - 12 Step Study Method Workshop

Our flagship 12SSM workshop aims to give learners a recipe for academic success.

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12SSM Workshop

Our next 12SSM Workshop in Paarl for Gr6-7 learners is 13-16 May

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The 12SSM Method has been developed over 25 years and has a proven track record of success.

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The 12SSM replaces the archaic method of studying today, writing tomorrow and forgetting the next day, by using Lateral Learning, “spacing”, structure and various other scientific principles to process and retain knowledge.

The 12SSM (12 Step Study Method) is a recipe for all round success. Because it is a way of living and not a “quick fix”, it changes the lives of those who apply it on a daily basis. Most importantly, it gives the learner more time to get to know themselves, while achieving academically as well as in other walks of life.

Although very easy to understand, follow and apply, the 12SSM is a very effective way to success.

“My goal is to empower and inspire every learner that crosses my path, to be – the best version of who they are.” – Reandi Meij







“We see to it that every learner walks out of our 6 hour (2 x 3 hour sessions) 12SSM Workshop, knowing exactly what they are doing – and wanting to do it !” – Reandi Meij

The 12SSM replaces the archaic method of studying today, writing tomorrow and forgetting the next day, by using Lateral Learning, “spacing”, structure and various other scientific principles to process and retain knowledge.





In the 12SSM workshops, we give learners the knowledge needed to understand how learning works, i.e. how the brain absorbs, sorts and files new information in a structure.

When done in the correct way, this stored information will then be easily accessible at a later stage and students able to apply the content of this mental structure efficiently as needed, over a long period of time (even years).

Group dynamics play a big role in the success of the 12SSM Workshops, which consist of between 8 and 10 students (semi-one-on-one). This enables us to uphold our more than 90% average success rate, despite the diversity of the groups.

All our facilitators all have a very rare quality in common and that is the ability to inspire.


The 12SSM was born from a need that she identified among-st learners in mainstream schools in South Africa and the UK, to understand how the learning process works and how to apply that knowledge to achieve better results at school.

In this way their stress levels are dramatically lowered, they start achieving on a continuous basis and their ability to function effectively as a whole person improves significantly .

She started presenting the 12SSM (12 Step Study Method) Workshop on an ad-hock basis at certain Cape Town schools and then 9 years ago expanded to schools in other regions in the West and East Cape (e.g.Paul Roos Gymnasium) with great success. Her experience in teaching in a wide range of SEN areas has made her an expert on semi-one-on-one facilitating.

Curriculum and course development is her passion an what she has loved doing for most of her life: to empower and inspire (at various educational facilities, schools, the corporate setting and even Remedial Mathematics Literacy Modules, used in previously disadvantaged schools).


“Kids of all ages should have time to play … Climb trees !!” – Reandi Meij

Reandi is a qualified and widely experienced Remedial/ SEN (Special Educational Needs) teacher, with over 25 years’ experience. She developed The 12SSM (12 Step Study Method) between 1987 and 2000.

 In 2016 she formed this company, Ahaa Learning.

Thank you so much for introducing me to this way of learning. It really works. I managed to summarize all my Matric Science work in 4 tiny summary books. I am now studying at Bloemfontein University and still using the method with very much success.

Samuel Pellissier, Paul Roos Gimnasium (Stellenbosch)

My son, Tristan le Roux, did it last term with you and I would highly recommend it to anyone. He now studying on his own which is a great relief to me – he also seems much more motivated in getting good marks – he is really doing well. Thanks so much.

Liezl le Roux, mother, Stellenbosch

Baie dankie vir ‘n baie leersame kursus oor hoe om te leer. Dit het my gehelp om my werk op te som en ‘n makliker, beter manier om my werk te onthou gegee. My punte het geweldig gestyg vandat ek die eerste kwartaal in standerd ses in die Hoërskool gekom en die kursus gedoen het.

– Arina de Jager, Hoërskool Langenhoven

Toe die 12ssm kursus gevolglik aangebied is by haar skool het ek dit as ‘n geleentheid gesien om haar moontlik te help met haar tydsbeplanning. En dit het! Sy het die metode baie gou onder die knie gekry en studeer al die afgelope 2 jaar baie suksesvol daarmee. Sy leer beslis vinniger met hierdie metode en sê sy sal nou op geen ander manier meer kan studeer nie. Ek glo ook dat dit ‘n studiemetode is wat vir haar van baie waarde ook sal wees wanneer sy na skool verder studeer. Hierdie metode help my kind baie en ek beveel dit met die grootste vrymoedigheid aan.

– Tirsa Fourie, Hoër Meisieskool La Rochelle

You can register online for a 12 Step Study Method Workshop:

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